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Classic styles, spins on traditional styles, or innovating a new style, you can always count on our brewers challenging themselves for the love of the pint and loving it every sip of the way.


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Independence Matters



Catch that glimpse of sunshine with soft malt character and delicate hop spiciness. Most lager is filtered, so enjoy the fresh flavor and elegant finish of our unfiltered lager to make you forgot the clouds will ever come back.

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Storm Clouds

stormwalker irish red ALE

This delicious Irish Red features the only barley grown and malted in Ireland.  We created this solid drinker to highlight this new malt and take you on a journey across the Atlantic.  So raise your pints and toast to the all that is Irish!

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robert the spruce - scottish ale

Another legendary hero from our Spruce Series  - we are royally stoked to introduce this Scottish Ale. Hits your palate with heady spruce aroma and flavor from the use of Pacific Northwest Spruce Tips.

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puddles - roasted chocolate porter

Roasted chocolate aromas entice candied cherry and chocolate toffee flavors leading to a smooth mocha finish. Medium bodied but still drinkable.

Jump on in and make a splash with this Robust Porter!

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You know what to do, put your O's up and Yell-OOO for this IPA. Brewed with 100% Amarillo hops which leads to dank citrus notes in the aroma and an orange rind bite followed by smooth malt flavor.

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Light Pillar - Czech pilsner

A light pillar is an optical phenomenon caused by the reflection of light by ice crystals in the atmosphere. Features complex aromas of malt and spicy-floral hops from the traditional Czech Saaz hops. This crisp and refreshing lager will take you to the sky, and that’s no illusion.

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upside brown - american brown ale

Turn that frown Upside Brown! This Northern English Brown meets American Brown has aromas and flavors of malt, toasted nuts and a hint of chocolate with an off-dry finish for an exceptionally drinkable but flavorful ale.

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3 magic letters - india pale ale

No tricks here! 3 Magic Letters features ripe oranges, earthy

resinous flowers and spicy hops throughout. 

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madre especial - mexican style lager

Fermented with Mexican lager yeast, this beer was brewed with the Lead Brothers mother watching as only a mother can. Clean, crisp and refreshing, this Mexican lager is easy drinking, perfect for s hot summer day.

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wet earth - winter ale

It’s time to accept it, doom and gloom: the rain is here. Aromas of wet earth and spicy hops sink into roasted nuts and a hint of dark fruit welcoming a hearty winter offering. This mahogany brew has rich malt depth with a touch of alcohol warmth while being dangerously drinkable for an internal sweater when it’s pouring outside. Cheers to the seasons!

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bare hands - northwest bitter

This English Pale ale is holding a firm bitterness with grip of NW hop flavor; because you can do so many things with your own bare hands. Get a hold of it!

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rain guage - india pale ale

We are excited to announce our West Coast IPA & you're gonna love it! Big aromas of the Strata, Bru-1, Comet and Citra Hops create the perfect blend of tropical fruit, melons, and general darkness to fill your nose. Plus when it hits the taste buds you'll be wanting it to rain all day. So, LET IT POUR!

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Cloud gazer - mÄrzen lager

Sit back, look up and drink up- this Vienna style lager while gazing into the clouds letting your imagination run wild. Toasty sweet malts float across your tongue along with a small wisp of hops. Perfect to enjoy with the fall clouds.

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11.03.22 Cloud Gazer Poster-01.png